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Edaiken Agritech Limited is a limited liability company that is geared towards providing best in class products and services to the industry and will be located at Oguta, Imo state and will then branch out to other locations. Currently, 75% of the youths in Africa as well as Nigeria and by default Imo State are under 35 years old. Most of them face profound challenges with an unemployment rate of about 35%. Consequently, majority of these employed ones are engaged informally or for low wages, keeping them stuck in a cycle of poverty. Without the right opportunities, these youths are vulnerable to drugs and crime. However, holistic development is recognized as the real antidot to crime.  As development enables people to fully realize their potentials and so if achieved, crime in the society can be controlled.  This challenge faced by our people motivated the establishment of Edaiken Agritech Limited. Progressively, the company will be making some critical investments in the Oguta – Mgbidi road axis from 2021 and these investments will be developed in Phases.

Phase 1; acquisition of 10 plots of land for the establishment of:

a block making plant,

a major cement distributorship,

steel and iron rods sales,

a bakery,

cold room and ice making machine etc.

Phase 2; establishment of a demonstration farm to produce:






fruits and plantain

Phase 3; will include the acquisition of 40 plots or more for mini factories, including:

A starch processing plant,

a toilet roll pant, etc.

Furthermore, this would be a company positioned as a product and technology leader, where the buying of products and provision of services to customer will be done seamlessly and courteously, as new products and services shall be continuously introduced. Most importantly, pricing and value shall be to the clients delight. We will also ensure that all our productions would be environmentally friendly with a zero child labour policy. As part of the global community, we are also going to pay complete attention to corporate social responsibilities (CSR), working closely with our trusted partners whilst empowering as many youths as possible.

“To be the choicest option for products and services to value driven clients and stakeholders.”

“We are on a mission to help our client achieve their dreams of quality products and services while building a profitable business.”

We uphold honesty and consistent compliance to ethical and moral values as well as operational standards. This will, therefore, guide our decision making, operational processes, procedures and product delivery.

Our consumers/clients are one of our priced assets and the reason for our existence as a business; hence, our products and operational processes are built to revolve around solving their problems and fulfilling their needs. We further ensure that our customer/client service measures are top notch.

Our goal as a business is to be the choicest option for building construction product which we will achieve by our commitment to consistently going the extra mile to deliver nothing short of excellence.

While delivering on our customers/clients’ dream, we would ensure that we would do so in time and to requisite standard enough to sustain the trust in the brand.

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